What a re-leaf!

My goodness, spring has really sprung! After a slow start to the season (my Rijnveld's Early Sensation daffs, which should bloom in January are only now fully in flower, see pic), the garden is bursting into growth.

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Luckily, this week I’ve had a bit of time to catch up in my garden. So I’ve fed the lawn with Lawn Magic (boy, what a difference it makes), moved my potted olives out of the greenhouse onto the patio, cut back some ornamental grasses, sown my tomato seeds (I’m trying new varieties this year) and sprinkled my organic slug pellets around the emerging delphiniums. I thought last year was bad for slugs and snails but apparently it’s going to be even worse this year as the winter was so mild that lots more of them have survived.

It’s an exciting time at QVC too. Every year since it started, we’ve supported Garden Re-leaf day, a nationwide campaign celebrating the start of the gardening year and raising money for Greenfingers, the charity of the gardening industry thatbuilds much needed gardens for children’s hospices. We’ve special two hour shows (with some of my all-time favourite plants and products) on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd March at 9am as well as two shows on Monday 23rd (13.00 and 21.00). Also for the first time ever, we’ve a live show on QVC Extra at 14.00 on the Monday. I’ll be chatting to Jackie and Will about gardening, featuring some exclusive plants as well as demonstrating live on air how to create a pot that can save you a mint at the chemist!

On Friday 27th, all the best garden centres in the country will then be doing their bit for Garden Re-leaf with fun, fund-raising events. For more details, see www.gardenreleaf.co.uk

So please join me for our very special shows and let’s raise lots of money to build gardens at children’s hospices.

Happy gardening.

Richard Jackson

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