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I’ve been using Flower Power for a few years now with amazing results. This year I decided to try your Complete Plant Health Kit. WOW!!!!! I can’t believe the results!

I’m attaching some photos of my lilies which have been fantastic this year. I purchased the tree lilies from QVC last year. Earlier on in the season I had a terrible infestation of lily beetle and I honestly thought they’d “had it”. The leaves were all brown and shrivelled and they looked terrible. Anyway, I scraped away some of the soil from the top of the pots and added Root Booster then I sprayed with Plant Invigorator once a fortnight and well JUST LOOK AT THEM!!!!! They were 6ft tall and each stem had 16 flowers – unbelievable! I am the envy of my neighbours and my garden smells like a perfume factory.

Thanks for bringing such wonderful products to the amateur gardener, enabling us to get such professional results.

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