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In my trial last summer, I potted up some small (4in high x 3in wide) begonias, one plant per pot. Half of the pots were treated with Container Magic, the other half weren’t. I fed the plants once a fortnight with Flower Power for the first six weeks, then twice a week until the beginning of September.


The untreated plants looked superb, as I expected since they’d been fed with Flower Power. They grew about 15in high and 20in across (when measured in early September). I was very pleased with them. But then I measured the plants treated to the one application of Container Magic. They grew up to 30in high and 40in across. The difference in growth became more marked as the season progressed (presumably as the mycorrhizal fungi began to work their magic). It’s only fair to say that results may vary in different gardens and with different plants, but I was staggered what a difference it made to my plants. I’ve also included an image below that shows a trial I did last summer on pepper plants , left was grown in ordinary compost and on the right grown in compost plus Container Magic. The crop of the container magic treated pepper plant was nearly double too!


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