FREE Plant Trial 2018

Registration for the 2018 Plant Trail has now closed.

We’re delighted to announce that we’re running our Plant Trials again this year. Yet again, top plant suppliers have pulled out all the stops and provided us with some fabulous new plants – most of which are not yet available to any other gardeners – for our Gardening Club members to grow and trial at home.

If you’d like to take part, all you have to do is apply on the form below by Sunday 11 March. Don’t worry, it is not ‘first in, first served’ – we put all the names in the hat and draw out the lucky pariticipants. 

All we ask in return is that those selected to trial the plants monitor their progress throughout the year and fill in a simple form with their results at the end. We also need some pictures of the plants growing and flowering.

Plants will be sent out as and when they become available from the suppliers during spring.

Thanks to Plants2Garden, Thompson & Morgan, Montrose of Guernsey and Kerley & Co for supplying the plants and bulbs.

Please make yourself familiar with the terms and conditions of the trial.

  • Argyranthemum ‘Grandaisy Pink Halo’

    A lovely new summer bedding marguerite that is covered in large (6cm/2½in) bright pink flowers with a central halo from June to November. Produces real impact in beds, borders and patio containers. Sturdy, upright plants with a compact habit reaching 50cm (20in) high. 15 sets of six plants available.

  • Dianthus ‘Devine Neon Purple’

    One of a new breed of carnations, ‘Devine Neon Purple’ produces masses of luminous purple-pink flowers all summer on compact, but spreading plants. This makes it perfect for patio pots, containers and hanging baskets, as well as for the front of a border. Height up to 25cm (10in), spread up to 30cm (12in). 15 sets of six plants available.

  • Nemesia ‘Honey Dark Yellow’

    Bedding nemesias have increased in popularity over recent years, and this new colour will help spread that love even further. The Honey range produces compact, upright plants that are perfect for pots and containers. Bright yellow flowers with a darker centre and paler yellow edges are produced all summer until the frosts. Height 25cm (10in), spread 30cm (12in). 15 sets of six plants available.

  • Petunia ‘Surfinia Coral Morn’

    Surfinias are one of our best and most popular trailing plants for hanging baskets and containers and need very little introduction! Coral Morn adds a new colour combination to the range, and plants are covered in coral pink edged flowers all summer long until the first severe autumn frosts. 15 sets of six plants available.

  • Petunia ‘Designer Buzz Purple’

    Create a real “buzz” in your garden!, with this new semi-trailing petunia, perfect for hanging baskets, containers and even in beds and borders. It is covered all summer with large, rain-resistant, purple flowers with a delightful contrasting lime green edge. Plants have a mounding habit, and grow up to 30cm (12in) high. 15 sets of six plants available.

  • Pelargonium ‘Tall Dark & Handsome’

    Bedding geraniums are a big hit with all gardeners for their massed flowering displays throughout summer and well into autumn. This fantastic breakthrough comes from Thompson & Morgan’s own breeding program and is something different. The brightly coloured blooms in a choice of three vivid colours – Orange, Speckled Coral or Pink – combine beautifully with dark, lush foliage on a plant that climbs, clambering up to 1.8m (6ft) high. 10 sets of three plants available.

  • Tree lilies

    Tree lilies have been one of the rave, must-have plants in recent years and T&M is introducing three brand new colours for 2019. They are so easy to grow, everyone can have these fantastic show stoppers, whatever size of garden. Planted this year, they’ll reach a height of 1.8m (6ft) and up to 2.4m (8ft) in the second year! Each bulb can produce up to 30 large, scented flowers from June onwards. 10 sets of nine bulbs available

  • Lilium ‘Romantic’

    This new Oriental lily produces compact growth and large, deep pink flowers with a wonderful, spicy, sweet scent. This dwarf lily is perfect for patio containers and for the front or middle of borders, and provides years of pleasure. This will be a brand new colour introduction for 2019, and an exclusive for QVC customers.
    10 sets of five bulbs available

  • New Guinea impatiens

    New Guinea impatiens are a favourite bedding and patio container plant – growing well even in shade. This is the first double-flowering variety ever available! Plants produce masses of large White, Pink or Red flowers throughout the summer on robust plants with a height and spread of 30-40cm (12-14in). This is a T&M exclusive and will be a new introduction for 2019.
    10 sets of three plants available

  • Lilium ‘Madelaine’

    ‘Madelaine’ is a bold, eye-catching Oriental lily from The Young Ones series. It has a delicate, cream-coloured heart fanning out to a pink flame surrounded by a beautiful explosion of burgundy/purple freckles. Each bulb produces seven large, lightly scented blooms that produce a soft, sweet aroma. In full bloom, the dazzling combination of colours provides a breathtaking display.
    15 sets of 10 bulbs available

  • Lilium ‘Pink Romance’

    A quite beautiful new pot and container Oriental lily from The Romantics breeding programme. ‘Pink Romance’ produces large, perfect cup-shaped flowers in a striking fuchsia pink colour with a delicate sweet scent. These fluorescent blooms radiate a long-lasting and vibrant glow to patios and borders. Reaching a height up to 60cm (2ft), these sturdy plants don’t need any support and won’t collapse during inclement weather. After the first year growing in a container, plant in borders for continuous flowering year after year. 15 sets of 10 bulbs available

  • Lilium ‘Bright Joy’

    This superb Asiatic lily produces large flowers in a gorgeous shade of warm orange with yellow spotted centres with a delicious scent. The compact plants produce sturdy stems and grow to 50cm (20in) high. 15 sets of 10 bulbs available

  • Petunia ‘TEA Light Violet’

    Renowned for its breeding of new petunia varieties, this petunia from Kerley & Co has a unique colour for one of our most popular summer bedding plants. It is very free flowering, the large flowers are produced early in the year until well into autumn. They have excellent rain resistance – standing summer showers and recovering quickly after heavy rain. The bushy, vigorous plants are very mildew tolerant, the main scourge of petunias. 10 sets of five plants available

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