Jobs to do this November

November’s the ideal time to plant tulips. Most other bulbs prefer to be in by now, but if tulips are planted any earlier than now, their shoots can get damaged by cold weather and fungal diseases.
House plants hate winter, especially in hot centrally heated rooms when the air gets very dry. Help them out by placing them on trays or saucers of gravel. Keep the gravel moist ( but not waterlogged) and the humidity will perk up the plants as well as  keep pests away.
Check your shed is watertight before the winter rain really starts. Any leaks in the roof can be repaired with roofing felt.
Make sure you don’t slip up this winter. Make patios, paths and steps safer by giving them a good scrubbing with warm water plus a bit of washing up liquid to remove the moss and algae.
Save those fallen leaves. Put them in a black bin bag, mix in a handful of grass clippings, make a few holes in the bottom of the bag, then forget about it for 12 months. Next autumn, the leaves will have rotted down to make a wonderful compost which is great for planting and for enriching the soil.
Finish digging over the veg plot and new ground as soon as you can. The frosts will break down the clumps over winter and by next spring, it’ll be perfect for planting.
Look after winter containers by making sure they don’t dry out over winter. Water regularly, but make sure they don’t get waterlogged.
Garden tools last longer if looked after. Before putting any of them away for winter, scrape the soil off and wash away any residue. Wipe metal surfaces with an oily rag.