Jobs to do this April

Make sure next year’s display of spring bulbs is as good as this year’s. Take off dead flowers and seed pods and feed once a week with Flower Power. Leave their leaves for at least the first six to eight weeks after flowering.
Plant out seed potatoes. When the young shoots appear, mound soil over them to protect from frost and to boost the crop.
Water houseplants more regularly and give them a treat by feeding once a fortnight with Flower Power. Repot foliage plants that are potbound.
Dahlias are easy to grow and put on a great display. The simplest way to grow them is to plant dormant tubers straight into the ground, using lots of compost.
If you’ve an evergreen plant that’s in the wrong place, now’s a good time to move it. Once re-planted, give it a good watering to help it settle into its new position.
Make sure your lawn gets off to the best possible start. Feed it with Lawn Magic and within a few days, it will turn a wonderful deep green and stay looking great for weeks.
For masses of cheap summer colour, you can’t beat hardy annuals like Californian poppies, clarkia, pot marigolds and love-in-a-mist. Sow the seeds now in sunny borders and they’ll be a riot of colour from late June.
The weeds are romping away in the warmer weather. Hoe the ground once a week on dry days to control annual weeds. Tougher perennial weeds can be sprayed with my Double Action Weedkiller.
Prune spring-flowering shrubs, like forsythia and flowering currant, after they’ve finished flowering. Aim to completely remove one in three/four of the oldest flowering shoots and cut back some of the remaining shoots too.
Check that seedlings and young plants on windowsills do not become leggy or lopsided by turning them through 90° every day to make sure that they receive light on all sides.