Halloween trees the new trend?

The Halloween Christmas tree is becoming the latest trend in home gardening-inspired decoration, says Matt Appleby.

More and more people are getting into the spirit of Halloween.
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With artificial Christmas trees already in the shops, a ghoulish 31 October Halloween party would not be complete without a haunting décor piece for adding frightening essence indoors.

Inspiration is coming from Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, with the trend inevitably having started in the USA. But the UK market for spooky Halloween-themed outfits, decor and sweets is now £300m a year and looks set to grow further this year.

Dark inspiration

decorated halloween tree
Will Halloween decorated trees catch on?

The 1993 Tim Burton-directed film Nightmare Before Christmas is cited as an inspiration for spooky trees.

Garden centres across the UK have Halloween departments and even Spooktacular events over the half term before the official celebration. With Halloween pumpkins now an essential part of the décor, trees are becoming the next must have accessory. Homeowners can put them in place for Halloween and keep them decorated right up until Christmas, or change the decorations to suit the mood.

You can decorate preferably black artificial trees with Halloween-themed products like bats, skulls, cobwebs, mysterious eyes, zombie dolls and witches’ hats in the tree to give it more haunting look.

On trend

The idea is catching trending on Social media.

On Twitter, Chantae McMillan said: “Getting a black Christmas tree for Halloween decor makes me think you really just want Christmas to be here.”

On Pinterest, ‘Terri’ wrote: “My Halloween tree! Trick or treaters love it!’

Katrina de Haven added: “Halloween Christmas tree – my girls want to do this so bad! Just need to find a black tree!”

Manda Joon wrote on Instagram: “Yes, weird Halloween Christmas Tree, you are the best thing ever.”

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