Tips & Advice

Although the pressure is off, there’s still plenty to be getting on with. It’s time to enjoy the garden – but watering, feeding deadheading and checking for pests and diseases are all a priority in July.

Jobs to do in July

  • Prepare the garden, ready for going away on holiday.
  • Take semi-ripe summer cuttings of shrubs and climbers.
  • Make more strawberry plants by pegging down runners.
  • Give all hedges a trim.
  • Pinch out the tops of tomatoes and remove sideshoots of cordon types.
  • Keep picking sweet peas; if they produce seeds, they’ll stop flowering
  • Fill any gaps in borders with “instant” plants from garden centres.
  • Water and feed rhododendrons and camellias to ensure flowering next year.
  • Train and tie in climbing plants as they grow and the stems are still pliable.
  • Support the branches of plum and greengage trees that have produced a heavy crop.
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Richard's tip of the week

For the prettiest pots, baskets and window boxes, keep them well watered and feed twice a week with  Flower Power. Also remove flowers as they fade to stop them from going to seed.

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