Tips & Advice

It’s the height of spring and there is lots to get on with in the garden. Make sure you have all the plants and products you need to make the most of your gardening time.

Jobs to do in April

  • Pot up plug plants using a good compost. 
  • Most outdoor vegetables can be sown now. 
  • Move evergreen shrubs growing in the wrong place.
  • Support tall plants while they’re still young. 
  • Put bedding plants outside on fine days.
  • As plants are growing strongly now, feed regularly. 
  • Re-pot pot-bound houseplants into slightly bigger pots.
  • Cut back last years stems on hardy fuchsias and other slightly tender plants.
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Richard's tip of the week

Feed your lawn. Give your lawn a real boost by feeding it with Lawn Magic. Within a few days, your lawn will turn a wonderful deep green and it will stay looking great for weeks.

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