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Enjoy warm, dry October days in the garden, starting to get it ready for winter. This is one of the best months of the year to plant hardy trees, shrubs, roses, climbers, hedging and herbaceous perennials.

Jobs to do in October

  • Move deciduous shrubs growing in the wrong place, once they drop their leaves.
  • Keep mowing the lawn if it’s dry, and remove any worm casts before they become weed seedbeds.
  • Check tree stakes and ties are secure before strong autumn winds occur.
  • Tidy up climbing plants and tie in any loose stems to their supports.
  • Prune back rose bushes, buddleia and lavatera by around one-third to reduce damaging wind rock.
  • Lift pelargoniums (geraniums), fuchsias and other half-hardy perennial bedding plants and overwinter in frost-free, light conditions.
  • Sow sweet pea seeds for early flowering next year.
  • Sow autumn broad bean seeds for an early crop next year.
  • Divide old perennial plants, especially if they didn’t flower well this year or suffered powdery mildew disease.
  • Protect trees by wrapping their stems in plastic tree protectors to prevent damage from rabbits, deer and squirrels.
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Richard's tip of the week

Pot up herbs. Buy 9cm size plants, pot into slightly larger pots and place on a sunny windowsill indoors to harvest fresh over winter.

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