Tips & Advice

Getting ahead in the garden now and spending a few hours here and there when the weather allows, will make all the difference to the garden. Jobs done now will help make the workload easier in spring.

Jobs to do in November

  • Stand houseplants on saucers of moist gravel or hydroleca, as the humidity will offset the dry air.
  • Check sheds for leaks and repair them, and greenhouses for draughts and replace broken panes.
  • Clean paths, patios and steps so they look good and are less likely to be a slip risk.
  • Collect fallen leaves and make leafmould, which is a great soil improver.
  • Check that outdoor container plants don’t dry out. Don’t be fooled by showers!
  • Care for your tools, cleaning them and wiping metal surfaces with an oily rag
  • Plant autumn-planting garlic for the best crop next year.
  • Lift and store dahlia tubers, once frosts have blackened their foliage.
  • Protect borderline hardy plants by wrapping in horticultural fleece when temperatures drop.
  • Prepare for the cold weather ahead. Insulate the greenhouse, turn off outdoor taps and protect with lagging, and drain hosepipes.
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Richard's tip of the week

Dig it. Finish digging over the veg plot and new ground. The frosts will break down the clumps over winter and by next spring, it should be perfect for planting.

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