Tips & Advice

March is the first month of spring and everything is coming to life again. The cold, wintery weather may continue for a while, but with the daylight hours getting longer, there’s still plenty that can be done in the garden.

Jobs to do this month

  • Pot up plug plants using a good compost. 
  • Most outdoor vegetables can be sown now. 
  • Move evergreen shrubs growing in the wrong place.
  • Support tall plants while they’re still young. 
  • Put bedding plants outside on fine days.
  • As plants a growing strongly now, feed regularly. 
  • Re-pot pot-bound houseplants into slightly bigger pots.
  • Cut back last years stems on hardy fuchsias and other slightly tender plants.
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Richard's tip of the week

Stake tall plants while they’re still young. The plants will quickly cover the stake and very soon you’ll never know it’s there. For the most natural look, use plant spirals rather than bamboo canes.

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