Tips & Advice

Flaming June – the first month of summer – is a time when you really start to see the results of all the work done earlier in the year. But there are still some essential jobs that need doing.

Jobs to do in June

  • Water and feed all container plants regularly.
  • Add coarser materials to grass clippings in compost heaps.
  • Grow perennials from seed for a great display next year.
  • Support tall border plants before damaged by wind.
  • Pick herbs in the morning for the best flavours.
  • Feed all fruiting vegetables with Flower Power.
  • Thin apples after the ‘June drop’.
  • Harvest rhubarb until the end of the month/early July. Mulch and water when dry.
  • Keep sowing salad crops little and often.
  • Grow annual climbers from seed.
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Richard's tip of the week

Give your houseplants a real treat. Pop them in the garden for the summer. They’ll flourish in a sheltered spot. Don’t worry about the occasional shower of rain- it’ll wash clean their leaves.

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