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August can be a fairly quiet month for doing a lot of jobs in the garden. But don’t stop completely; make sure that everything is growing well, keep on top of tidying up and your garden will be the best it has ever been.

Jobs to do in August

  • Cut the lawn higher than usual during prolonged warm, dry weather.
  • Take cuttings of summer bedding plants – fuchsias, pelargoniums etc.
  • Plant new strawberry plants for a great crop next year.
  • Deadhead lilies as the flowers fade and watch out for lily beetles.
  • Pot up small herb plants for use inside the kitchen later in the year.
  • Trim lavender and hebes after flowering, and topiary to keep it in shape.
  • Prune summer-fruiting raspberries, cutting out fruited canes to ground level.
  • Keep summer bedding plants flowering by watering, feeding and deadheading.
  • Water fruit trees and bushes every seven to 14 days during dry spells to ensure bumper crops.
  • Watch out for vine weevil damage and control them if necessary.
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Richard's tip of the week

For cheap, tasty and health packed home grown vegetables in late autumn, sow some seeds of spinach and leaf beet. Your plants will also produce rich pickings next spring.

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