Tips & Advice

Spring is nearly here and you can get on with lots of jobs in the garden on warm, dry days – ready for the spring rush. There’s plenty of pruning and tidying up to get on with.

Jobs to do in February

  • Prune summer-flowering clematis towards the end of the month.
  • Dig up overgrown clumps of snowdrops when they’ve finished flowering, but are still in leaf. Tease into smaller clumps.
  • Chit seed potatoes for a bigger, better crop. Stand them in trays with the ‘eye’ end uppermost. Keep them in good light, cool but frost free.
  • Sadly, as we move towards spring out come the weeds! Keep on top of dealing with them, so they don’t get out of control.
  • Don’t miss out on planting summer-flowering bulbs. Order them online now or go and see what your local garden centre has to offer.
  • Bare-root plants are less expensive than containerised ones, so they’re a great if you need a lot. Get them planted by the end of the month.
More jobs to do this February

Richard's tip of the week

Prune wisteria. Prune any side shoots on wisteria to 5cm (2in) from the main stem. This will tidy up the plant but, more importantly, help it produce more flowers in May.

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