Five kneelers

A garden kneeler is an essential bit of gardening kit; Jean Vernon picks five fab kneelers for user comfort.

A garden kneeler makes weeding and planting so much easier and allows you to take the strain off tired joints and muscles. I can’t kneel on one knee after a teenage accident and several operations so for me a kneeler is vital. Here are five fab kneelers, in no particular order, for all seasons and all reasons:

Simple design: Junior BosNeeleze

For a basic kneeler with a waterproof layer on the bottom and a neoprene upper, consider the Junior BosNeeleze. It’s the smaller version of the BosNeeleze Luxury Kneeler and is a practical, functional and slightly firm cushioned kneeler. Price £9.99 (£14.99 for the Luxury Kneeler). Available in six colours.; 01293 586200.

Versatile: Burgon & Ball Kneelo range

There are several Kneelo products in the range featuring comfy, memory foam cushions inside a neoprene cover. Funky designs and colours, and very comfy when kneeling for any length of time. Also includes the patterned RHS-endorsed range complete with striking illustrations and some ultra-cushion knee pads, priced at £14.95, which can be worn over trousers, but are better on bare legs and available in a choice of 8 funky colours.

Pretty and practical: Briers Honeysuckle Kneeler

This kneeler features pretty fabric designs. This one is a fairly plump kneeler, a bit like kneeling on a pillow, complete with generous waterproof cover and hanging handles, priced at £17.99. It’s bigger than the rest and can be quickly and easily washed over if it becomes muddy after use.

Tough, practical and long lasting: Carrier Company Kneeler

I’ve had my Carrier Company Kneeler for about 15 years and it still does everything it always did and a bit more. It’s a cushioned kneeler; it’s sturdy, comfy and well made from tough waterproof and rot-proof canvas. It’s an impromptu cushion when I need to sit on a wall or the edge of the raised bed and it even has a handy pocket for a trowel, or these days a mobile phone, just don’t kneel on it. It costs £34.

Innovative, funky and comfy: One Leg

OK it’s not a kneeler but not everyone can kneel! This odd looking device is amazing. It’s called a One Leg, it has a curved foot and you position it where you need to get low to the ground and perch on the top. You can rotate about as you work, but as long as you get your centre of gravity correct you shouldn’t topple into the garden. It’s quirky, fun and it works. It avoids straining you back and your knees. There are different heights and sizes available to suit different sized users. You can add an anti-slip cover to the base for use indoors and there’s a cushion available for the top to make it more comfy. Price around £33