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Haiths Nest Box

Nest box know-how

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Spring is a great time to install a house for your feathered friends. Jean Vernon has some top tips and advice on siting a nest box in your garden.


Berries for birds

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Grow some plants in the garden that bear berries to help birds through the winter. Pyracantha, ivy, holly and cotoneaster are all good choices.

bee on lavender

Planting for bees

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Take a closer look at that buzzing creature in your garden. There are dozens of species of solitary bees as well as our honeybees and bumblebees and they all do vital work in the garden.

Brown long-eared in flight

Bats in the garden

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Don’t be scared, bats in the garden are a blessing not a curse. These little creatures mostly eat garden bugs as Wildlife World Bat expert Chantal Brown explains.


Butterflies in the garden

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Bring your garden alive with the silent wings and elegant presence of beautiful butterflies. They are living ornaments to adorn your garden and enthrall young and old.



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Hedgehogs are the gardeners’ friend, they are now in serious decline and need all the help that we can give them. As the weather warms up our prickly garden friends emerge from hibernation.