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Pennisetum Dark Desire

Ornamental garden grasses

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Grasses really can be great garden plants and the most wonderful thing about them is that they need very little investment by way of time and effort according to Neil Lucas.

Richard Jackson in his potting shed

New website for Richard Jackson

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Welcome to my new website. Gardeners love sharing tips and ideas, and I hope my website will help and inspire everyone, especially new gardeners, to make more of their outdoor space.

blackberry reuben

5 great cane fruits

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Some of the easiest fruits to grow are cane fruit, so called because they grow on canes. Raspberries and blackberries are excellent choices to grow at home. Here are five to try in your garden.

Bee on cherry blossom

Busy as a bee

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Jean Vernon’s garden is buzzing with the first signs of spring, and Jean has been buzzing around as well – taking delivery of 20-square metres of new meadow rooting as well as a trip to Cornwall to test out new wheelbarrows.

CJ Wildbird Wicklow Peanut Butter Feeder

5 of the best bird foods

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Spend a little money on high quality bird food and you’ll be richly rewarded with visitors to your garden. Here are 5 of the best bird foods for garden birds.