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5 apples for small gardens

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If you only have a small garden, you can grow apples. Jean Vernon picks five apple trees from Swiss breeders, Lubera, bred especially for home gardens.

Nasturtium Ladybird Mix

Grow nasturtiums

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Nasturtiums reward you in many ways, with edible leaves, flowers and seeds and best of all, they are easy to grow from seed.

Gold Leaf Dry Touch gloves

5 of the best gardening gloves

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There’s a massive choice of gardening gloves available for all sorts of gardening jobs – from the heavy duty gauntlets for pruning roses to lightweight, ‘barely there’ gloves for seed sowing. Take your pick says Jean Vernon.

Fresh peas

Give peas a chance

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With peas being one of the easiest crops to grow, there’s no reason not to be able to enjoy this guilt-free treat.



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Hedgehogs are the gardeners’ friend, they are now in serious decline and need all the help that we can give them. As the weather warms up our prickly garden friends emerge from hibernation.


Five easy vegetables

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Growing your own vegetables in the garden is easy. Graham Rice chooses five easy veg to grow including courgette, onion, chard, lettuce & radish.

Pennisetum Dark Desire

Ornamental garden grasses

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Grasses really can be great garden plants and the most wonderful thing about them is that they need very little investment by way of time and effort according to Neil Lucas.