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Past Highlights of Chelsea Flower Show

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show is not the centre of the universe, but usually for one week a year it becomes the pinnacle of all that is great in gardening and horticulture. This year the show is online, but here’s a taster of some of the highs from previous RHS Chelsea Flower Shows

Great ideas to take home from Chelsea Flower Show

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Flower shows are great places to glean ideas and inspiration for our own gardens. You might not have the budget of a Chelsea Flower Show Garden to spend on your plot, but that doesn’t stop you stealing a few concepts from the shows. Why not spend your (potential) ticket and travel money on some plants and projects for your own garden and create your own take on the Chelsea spectacular at home?

What are Tree Lilies?

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Looking like lilies on steroids, tree lilies produce towering stems that are capable of carrying up to 30, dinner plate sized blooms in summer. Apart from their dramatic good looks, the flowers possess an intoxicating scent that makes spending time outside a true sensory experience.