Clematis raised on Flower Power wins at Chelsea

A clematis raised on a diet of Richard Jackson's Flower Power has been awarded the coveted title of RHS Chelsea Plant of the Year 2016. Clematis koreana ‘Amber’ from Taylors Clematis is a pretty, creamy yellow clematis with nodding heads of double flowers.

Clematis koreana ‘Amber’
RHS Chelsea Plant of the Year 2016 was awarded to Clematis koreana ‘Amber’.
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Chris Cocks from Taylors Clematis
Chris Cocks from Taylors Clematis

Introduced into the UK by RHS Gold Medal winners Taylors Clematis, Clematis koreana ‘Amber’ really does have the wow factor. “It’s the only yellow spring flowering double yellow clematis in existence,” says Chris Cocks from Taylors Clematis. “It’s very easy to grow because you can plant it in any aspect. It will also withstand a lot of wind so it’s a great choice for coastal areas. It’s totally disease resistant and wilt resistant too and it’s a repeat flowerer, flowering first in May and June and then there’s a second flush of flowers in August and September. The flowers are followed by pretty seed heads. It was fed with Flower Power, we use it on all of our plants at the nursery with great results.”

Unanimous Decision

“The judges said that it won hands down,” says Chris very proudly. “It was a unanimous decision. It’s fantastic. We have had a lot of new varieties over the years and everyone always asks when is there going to be a yellow one that flowers in summer. Of course, we have the clematis tanguticas but they flower late in September and October.”

Clematis koreana ‘Amber'
Clematis koreana ‘Amber’ is a creamy yellow clematis with nodding heads of double flowers.

Clematis koreana ‘Amber’ was bred by Dutch plant breeder, Gerard Stolwijk. “When he gets something really good he knows that we go to all the major shows. He was delighted with the news and will be watching all the television coverage this week.”

Taylors Clematis is one of a number of RHS Gold Medal winners that have converted over to Flower Power Plant Food and keep winning Gold Medals.

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