Bonfire, bananas and marshmallows

Spring brings the garden into life and as the days warm up, it's a good time to be out tidying up after winter and getting ready for the year ahead. This month Michelle Board has been trying out some old Girl Guide recipes on the garden bonfire.

Garden bonfire
A bonfire in the garden is a good way to get rid of garden waste, and toasting marshmallows.
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Little Miss has had a thing about bonfires (or camp fires, as she calls them) ever since we went camping last summer and had a small camp fire. So whenever we get the opportunity, we get a garden bonfire going – great for getting rid of all the pruning waste, but also great for toasting marshmallows!

A couple of weeks ago we decided to get rid of all the apple prunings, so we lit a bonfire. This time, as well as toasting marshmallows, I told Little Miss that we would try ‘banana boats’. When I was in the Girl Guides, we would slice a banana length-wise (1), fill with chocolate chips (2), wrap in tinfoil (3) and place in the embers of the camp fire for about 15 minutes (4), then eat – delicious!

Step by step to make banana boats for a camp fire
Make banana boats for your bonfire.

Little Miss wanted to try something she called ‘marshmallow toast’. Now this wasn’t one I’d heard of, although it sounds a little like a s’more, but with toast instead of a hard biscuit. I have no idea where she got this idea from, but we gave it a go as well. It was very sticky and messy, but I have to say it actually tasted OK.

marshmallow toast
Marshmallow toast is a bit sticky, but quite yummy!

When we had our first bonfire in the garden with Little Miss I was really worried about her getting too close. But she is very good. We talk about the fire and how she must not go too close. She now even makes sure we have a bucket of water nearby when we start (fire safety – something the Girl Guides drummed into me!).

Now that the weather is improving, we’ll all be getting out in the garden more. For the first time, Little Miss is really excited about the garden and really starting to take an interest in the plants we have. Over the next few weeks we’ll be getting our seeds ready and planting out our potatoes – busy times ahead!

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