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Martyn Cox

Martyn Cox aims to maintain a small city garden on the south coast, while his two dogs (a Sprocker Spaniel and chocolate Labrador) try to thwart his best efforts. Gardening columnist with The Mail on Sunday, he’s the author of ten books and gardening guest for Richard Jackson at QVC. A trained horticulturist and black belt in karate, Martyn was formerly on the staff at BBC Gardeners’ World, Amateur Gardening, Horticulture Week and Gardenlife magazine.

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How to Grow Your Own Food

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Martyn Cox helps you start growing your own fruit, herbs and vegetables in your own garden, with lots of timely tips and advice

What are Tree Lilies?

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Looking like lilies on steroids, tree lilies produce towering stems that are capable of carrying up to 30, dinner plate sized blooms in summer. Apart from their dramatic good looks, the flowers possess an intoxicating scent that makes spending time outside a true sensory experience.