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Jean Vernon

Jean Vernon is a slightly quirky, bee friendly, alternative gardener. She doesn’t follow the rules and likes to push the boundaries a bit just to see what happens. She has a fascination for odd plants, especially edibles and a keen interest in growing for pollinators especially bees. She’s rather obsessed with the little buzzers. Telegraph Gardening Correspondent, mostly testing and trialing products and Editor-In-Chief for Richard Jackson’s Garden.

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Meet Primrose ‘Everlast’

Posted on in Plants

Primroses are an elegant early spring flower, creating a splash of colour on the banks, meadows and at the edge […]

What are Persian buttercups?

Posted on in Plants

Don’t confuse your common or garden buttercups with these gorgeous Persian buttercups, says Jean Vernon

What’s so festive about holly and ivy?

Posted on in Plants

Jean Vernon extols the virtues of the winter evergreens holly and ivy explores some of the myths and legends that relate to some of these seasonal plants

Meet Martyn Cox

Posted on in Advice and Tips, Uncategorised

Spreading the love of gardening in a friendly accessible way is at the very core of Richard Jackson’s Garden. That’s why we are delighted to welcome Martyn Cox as our NEW Brand Ambassador

Treating the garden birds

Posted on in Wildlife Watch

Feeding the birds can add a wonderful dimension to your garden. These delightful creatures will feed, bathe, dance and roost in your trees and shrubs filling your world with their beauty, grace and antics