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James Wong

James Wong is an enthusiastic ethnobotanist renowned for thinking outside the box when it comes to edible flowers , fruit and vegetables. He is also the new brand ambassador for Fiskars’ garden hand tools campaign and Suttons Seeds. His new book, Grow for Flavour is out now at all good book stores.

James has one feature on Richard Jackson's Garden:

Easy plants for beginners

Published on , in Advice and Tips

If you thought gardening was like housework, think again. Thanks to garden super hero James Wong, it’s now the fastest growing trend on the planet. Here James suggests his top five easy plants for beginners.

It’s not about growing unconventional crops for the sake of it. It’s about achieving delicious, high-yielding foods that are expensive to buy, yet easy to grow. Here are five of my top easy plants for beginners.


Before you even lift a finger, there is one delicious, über trendy, ‘superfood’ plant that almost everyone already has in their back garden. Popular in the regional cuisines of France and Italy, sold in farmers markets and on the menus of five star restaurants, they have recently undergone a re-branding as ‘Wild Tarasaco Greens’. That be dandelions to you and me! Closely related to chicory and radicchio, with a similar grown-up bitterness, these fresh leafy greens contain a whooping SEVEN times more antioxidants than lettuce, making them as good for you as they are tasty. A crop so easy, they literally plant themselves. A free farmers market on your doorstep? Boom!

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